Book Recommendations: Part Ten

 August is here, which means ‘August’ by Taylor Swift is legally required to be played on loop and it also means that we’re less than a month away until we can finally move on from summer and focus on all things autumn and Halloween! Here are a few book recommendations to see you through this month. If You Still Recognise Me by Cynthia So A book celebrating queerness and the world of fandom, fanfiction and found family. The story follows Elsie as she navigates through her feelings for her long-distance internet best friend, Ada. Elsie decides that the best way to show Ada how she feels is through a grand life-changing gesture for someone close to Ada. Elsie is ready to go on an adventure for the sake of her romance and for the sake of repairing an old broken connection. However, Elsie did not account for her long-lost childhood best friend, Joan, to come back into Elsie’s life; wanting to repair their own broken connection. We get to witness Elsie’s summer of navigating love, frien

Book Recommendations: Part Nine

 What better way to kick off July than with a few new books to add to your TBR. In all honesty, May was a slower reading month for me because it was a super busy month. We visited two different Disney parks which was magical and then a lot of time was spent recovering from two different trips. My reading got a bit better in June and I definitely have high hopes for how much I’ll get read this summer. Anyway, enough of my incessant rambling and on with the list… The Cousins by Karen McManus This book follows three cousins; Aubrey, Milly and Jonah Story. They don’t know each other that well but they each receive a letter from their wealthy grandma – whom they’ve never met – inviting them to work at her island resort for the summer. Since their parents were all disinherited and cut out of their mother’s life before the cousins were even born; it’s clear that they have no choice and are going to the island for the summer in the hopes that they, and the parents, can get back into the go

Book Recommendations: Part Eight

 With it now being March, we can happily say that Spring and all that it brings - lighter days, later sunsets and hopefully better weather – is just round the corner. To keep you going until then, here are a few more books you may want to add to your TBR and maybe help get you out of the reading slump so many of us have fallen victim to the past couple of weeks… The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun This book became a fast favourite for me and it’s one of those reads that sticks with you; as do the characters. Creating fairy tale romances for the long-running dating show Ever After is something Dev is a pro at. He’s a producer on the reality show and he knows how to concoct the perfect love story. However, Dev has his work cut out for him when the show brings in Charlie as their leading bachelor. Charlie is far from the ‘Prince Charming’-esque standards that the show is used to and getting through to him and trying to get him to connect with the women contestants on the show falls

Bollywood Movie Recommendations

Bollywood movies are a big part of my culture and were also a huge part of my childhood. From the music to the outfits to the familiarity of them and the, sometimes,  overdramatics  of them – they mean a lot to me. There’s so much to love about them and because of the sheer volume of them; it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start. So, for a new blog post that may turn into a series – I decided to share some movie recommendations with you all. Side note: these films can be really long in running time so if long films aren’t for you then that’s totally okay! However, if you want to give them a try, then  try pausing the film for an interval (however long you want that interval to be). Most of the films will have a really obvious place that will be good for an interval too. So, the way I thought I’d set out this post is by sharing genre/tropes that you may like and then what film(s) you should watch based on that!  If you like  Forbidden Love  and  Star-Crossed  Lovers   then you

Book Recommendations: Part Seven

  Before I start, let’s take a moment to be grateful that January is over. I apologise to anyone with birthdays in January or if you really enjoy the month, but it genuinely feels like it lasts forever, and this year was no different. A new month also means a new book recommendations blog post and I am so excited to share these with you all!   The Paths of Marriage by Mala Kumar    This book spans three generations of Indian and  Indian-American  women. Each one of them faces their own hardships, battles and struggles throughout their lives. Lakshmi, an incredibly smart student living in poverty in India who marries and immigrates to America in order to provide the absolute best for her family. Years later, Pooja, her daughter, is forced into an arranged marriage which causes a huge strain in relationship between mother and daughter. And then, Deepa – Pooja’s daughter – a lesbian who is not out to her family. The story showcases all three POVs of these different women as we get a deep

Book Recommendations: Part Six

  Happy new year and welcome to the sixth instalment of my book recommendations series. I took a bit of a break from my blog during the festive season, but I’m ready to step back to it now with recommendations, ramblings and the occasional review. To kick start 2022, allow me to share three new books to add to your TBR... Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé This incredibly poignant YA thriller had me gripped throughout. The story follows Devon and Chiamaka. Both are the only two Black students at the highly illustrious Niveus Private Academy. Devon is a talented musician who keeps his head down and Chiamaka is a head girl who knows what she wants in life. Both have their secrets that are soon exposed by an anonymous texter known only as Aces. Aces makes sure that Devon and Chiamaka know that neither of them are in control here and that Aces holds all the power over their lives and will do everything to destroy them; no matter how dangerous things get for them. This book truly deserv

Grief Awareness Week

 This week (from the 2 nd -8 th December) is ‘Grief Awareness Week’, so I thought I would use the best outlet I have to share some thoughts and feelings on a subject matter that so many of us have to deal with. ‘What is grief, if not love persevering?’ Ever since Wandavision aired, this quote has stuck with me. It’s possibly the best and most meaningful description I’ve heard about grief. We all know grief as the mourning a loss, but seeing it described like this is powerful. So, although they may be gone – it doesn’t mean that the love you have for them has gone. I always find that, in society, you’re expected to move on from your grieving after a certain time. The thing is, though; grief doesn’t have a shelf date. Yes, life carries on and yes, eventually, a lot of people can find a way to navigate through their lives; often finding strength and solace in other things or people. However, that doesn’t mean that the grief has gone. It’s a testament to the love you have for that p